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4 years ago
Body - 10/10
Face - 3/10
Camera Operator - 1/10
Cindy Merriman 4 years ago
Can someone come fuck me like this please. I'm in Nacogdoches Texas. Feel free to look me up on fb
Cunnilique 4 years ago
Why does she look like Steven Tyler?
Omg 4 years ago
She looks just like my aunt. So glad she speaks another language
4 years ago
Yeah...she definitely got that Anal whore look to her...
Just sayin 4 years ago
She is starting to look like shit. Her earlier videos she looks a lot better.
4 years ago
A curious dude 4 years ago
Shes amazing... name?
Gimpy 2 years ago
She would get creampied both anally and vaginally every day. She's hot!
1 year ago
She looks a little like Louise Lasser